Van_Francisco is a 2011 Ford Transit Connect XTL with ~80k miles on her. This van is perfectly equipped for a weekend get-away or even longer if you please. Below are a couple of items that are not featured in these images.

  • A 12 volt power inverter that charges a GOAL ZERO YETI 150 PORTABLE POWER STATION, this bad boy runs the lights and has enough power to run a computer or power and entire campsite. 
  • A new Pioneer Deck with Apple play, so you have Siri (or android) + navigation at the touch of a button. This also powers Alpine 5.25inch door speaker and new custom overhead 6X9s.
  • The entire thing is kitted out with Rumpl Blankets, featuring the Jeremy Collins Super Fleece.
  • The art that is laser etched into the oak drawers are also samples of Jeremy Collins' art. One being a nod to the builder of the van (Aaron) who lives in Wyoming and the second a compass with all directions pointing to "GO."
  • Your water supply is the 4.0L Platypus gravity filter, so you always have fresh clean water.
  • There is also a solar shower bag. 

360 of Van Francisco