Simplify, it really is as simple as that.  People always ask me how I was able to pull this off and I always tell them the same thing.  Find what really matters and get rid of the rest.  The American dream has transformed into something that is unobtainable if you want to live an active life that is full of experience and not material.  By setting your sights on a new horizon and telling yourself I want to live more and collect less.  When I first thought of doing this I was obsessed with just the building of the house, not the reorientation of my thought process of what I need and what I don't.  Getting rid of nearly everything I owned was a daunting and scary process, after all it took years to get all that stuff.  Once I started parting with it I started to realize that it was exactly that, stuff.  And the more stuff I got rid of, the more I felt this weight I didn't even know existed was lifted off of my chest.  With every step toward simplicity I took, I felt a new sense of freedom from a box I didn't know I was in.  That became the new goal, to avoid feeling trapped and enjoy this new found freedom.  The feedback I got was absolutely amazing and it gave me a new perspective on how our short lives should be lived.  From the outside looking into the American dream I could clearly see how unhappy so many people are with the direction their adult lives had taken them.  So my new goal became the desire to help people obtain that freedom.  Here at runawayvan we want to help you reach your goals and feel that freedom, after all the goal is to die with memories, not dreams.  We want to be your go to source for answers on how to live in a more basic and how to make that transition to the laid back life simplicity brings.  Just remember, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. 


Now the think that everyone has the ability to do is narrow down what is important to them and get rid of all the material you don't need.  The thing that may be out of reach for a good deal of people would be the know how of how to build a house or convert a vehicle for living or traveling purposes.  Small space management is quickly becoming my specialty, I absolutely love doing things to maximize efficiency of a small space.  So if you have a van that you've always wanted to convert into a beautiful stealthy micro home that you can tour the country in were your guys.  There are so many variations of campers and conversion vans but they all seem so generic, our goal is to give you something that suits your personality and is uniquely yours.  We want to make your small space feel like a home, not a temporary space that just gets you by.   Keeping functionality in comfort in mind while looking crazy good doing it is the name of our game.  Feel free to ask any questions through email or the facebook link at the bottom of the page.